Studio and Darkroom Installations

Studio and Darkroom Installations

Keyphoto offer turnkey solutions from Design to After-Sales Service.

Darkroom installations start with a light excluding entrance solution. We fit revolving darkroom doors, build a walk-in maze, or design a curtain arrangement to turn almost any space into a state-of-the-art darkroom.

We will build enlarger booths and fit wetbenches, either free standing or as wall units. We will design and fit useful workbenches for print dryers and cutter and try to find a space for a film drying unit. Finally, we'll sort out safelight and ventilation issues.

Studio installation from design to finished project, the work is undertaken by our experienced team to convert your space into a health and safety friendly environment. A ceiling mounted rail system provides for a clutter-free and safe working environment for photographers. Correctly specified and fittered wall or ceiling mounted brackets will give you a permanently crease-free background rolls.